Monday, July 23, 2007

SDCC '07

Settin' up to head out down south for the yearly geek pilgrimage down in San Diego. Gonna spend a couple days down there buying tons of stuff I'll probably have buyer's remorse about 2 days later. (Don't tell me I'm alone on this, you know who you are) But it's always a good idea at the time. Too much peer pressure and that strategic placement of products. Kind of how they always put gum and candy at the cash register.

I always have mixed blessings at the Comic-con because it seems I always spend too much even before I get in the door (parking, gas, and hotel if applicable). It always starts off okay until about mid-afternoon when the crush of fellow comic geeks start sweating and acting like typical...well, comic geeks. I promise myself not to act and uphold my hygiene after going to these things.

But it's so huge that after awhile my eyes get tired and my mind shuts down from seeing the same ol' stack of comic displays after another. Am I the only one?

Anyway, thinking of getting a booth next year and displaying some of my wares. It's a big undertaking so I'm looking for other people to share a booth or something. Maybe creating a faux-group or team of similar stuff. I'm up for suggestions so If you're looking to share a space let me know by sending me a note.

See ya in about a week and a few hundred dollars poorer :)

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