Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Earthday! For this piece I created a modernized Mother Earth. I like this piece and its color combinations.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Twitter and Twitterdee

For you fans of social networking, along with my MySpace and Facebook Fan Page, I've added Twitter.

*crickets chirping*

I admit, this one is the one I LEAST understand. It's 'solicitated stalking' for the lazy. I guess it's ok if you're famous and need to update the paparazzi that you're grabbing a latte from the corner Starbucks, or if you're a business that wants to inform customers of just released items. So as an artist, I guess that would come in handy. But, I'm usually a private person, and I know the internet has de-personalized us as people, but I guess these type of social networking sites has been a backlash to that. So, who am I to question what's 'hip' and 'new.' You can find the app on my DA homepage or else have it sent to your mobile phone.

Though I don't 'follow' anyone per se, (because I don't really want to know if you're on the toilet pinching off a loaf, or that you're seeing the neighbor's dog hump your cat on the lawn) I don't begrudge anyone from seeing what I'm doing (as uninteresting as it seems) when it pertains to general art ideas or pop culture items of interest. Go ahead and comment too. I don't mind, and I might even comment back! Hell, I might even make stuff up just to seem like my life is interesting.