Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Propaganda III Art Show

For those of you interested in propaganda art (or at least my propaganda art) and in the San Fran area, can check out the opening of Start Soma's Propaganda III traveling art show starting today in San Francisco at the Phoenix Hotel. It's only a one-day show, but it will traverse the globe, and hopefully stop at a city near you.

I, personally, have 3 pieces submitted and will be alongside more famous names in propaganda art like Shepard Fairey and Aiden Hughes (if you don't know the names you'll more than likely know their art...go ahead and google, I'll wait.)

Sure there are hundreds of other artists from around the world, but definitely a good way for me to start showing off my stuff on an international basis, and be taken as a more-or-less serious manner.

Start Soma is an up and coming art outlet whose art projects and artists have been featured in various newspapers and magazines like Juxtapoz. Check them out!

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